It's Time for Afternoon Tea

It's Time for Afternoon Tea

Sip energy tea with a nutrient boost in Mankato, MN

When you hit that afternoon slump, you'll need a new wave of energy. There's a refreshing way to power through the afternoon and also get beneficial nutrients to nourish your body. You can pick up an energy tea from Mad Ave Nutrition.

Each blend is made from our own herbal tea concentrate with tea leaves that we grow ourselves. Stop by our restaurant in Mankato, MN today to sample our one-of-a-kind teas.

Enjoy unique and healthy blends

Whether you're returning to an old favorite or trying something new, we've got something in our energy tea selection that you'll love. You'll appreciate that our teas...

  • Come in over 50 delicious flavors
  • Contain multiple nutrients in each blend
  • Are made from herbal tea concentrates from our own tea leaves

From boosting your nutrition to finding a refreshing afternoon drink, we've got the tea you need to meet your goal. Check out our tea selection today to find your new favorite blend.